Baby Teethers

Baby Teethers

Teething can be a very difficult and upsetting time for everyone.  From sore aching gums, to sleepless nights and a cranky tired bubba.  Sometimes the best remedy is to have a good chew on something to soothe and calm them.  You need to ensure that what they put in their mouth is going to do the job as well as be safe for them.

We have a great range of baby safe teethers and teething products designed to soothe and entertain during this tough time.

Gummee Glove

The Gummee Glove was invented by a mum who was worried about her son chewing on his hands while teething.  So she created the world’s first teething mitten which meant the end of dropped and dirty teethers as well as sore little hands. It also protects little fingers from being chewed on and making them red and sore. The Gumme Glove features a heart-shaped, silicone teething ring, side teethers and a crinkle patch. It can be adjusted to fit a baby’s hand with the velcro closure at the wrist. The mitten itself is made of cotton and is padded for comfort and to absorb a baby’s saliva.

Silicon & Beechwood Teethers

Our range of handmade silicon and beechwood teethers by One. Chew. Three. and Wildwood Kids create the perfect combination of textures for your teething baby.  They are made with soft, chewable silicone to soothe and massage sore gums and hard, natural beech wood to provide greater relief and assist teeth to break through that last layer of gum. These are modern, practical teethers at its best!

Browse our range and you are sure to find a teething product that will delight any bub.