Top 35 Best Baby Shower Gifts for New Mums

A baby shower is a wonderful time for friends and family to get together and support a pregnant mum and their new baby to be.

Traditionally, a baby shower was a time for women to gather and share their motherly wisdom.

At this special event each guest was expected to bring along a gift for the glowing mother and the baby in waiting.

For those who are first time mums, it can be quite a daunting task trying to compile a list of what you will need and want when baby arrives. For those who have just received an invite to a baby shower, the first thought is of finding the most perfect and unique baby shower gift around.

To make life easier on the mum to be and her friends & family  KJ Essentials for Baby has done the research for you and sourced the best baby gifts from all around the world to celebrate each moment.

These items make the perfect gift for a baby shower or a new baby gift.

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1. The Ultimate Baby Bath

The Skip Hop Moby Smart Sling 3 Stage Bath ($82.95) is one of the smartest baby baths I have seen.

It comes with a removable mesh sling which comfortably holds your newborn in position while you bathe them.

The sling locks into two ergonomic positions. 

The higher position is designed for newborns as it allows for full-body support.   The lower position is designed for older babies as it provides them with comfy seated support.

The slings adjusts to a cushioned seat that comfortably supports babies learning to sit.

Remove the sling when baby has mastered sitting and easily bathe baby in the spacious tub—no uncomfortable plastic bumps.

Not to mention it is in the shape of a whale!

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2. Sloth Sleep Aid

Sloths are hugely popular at the moment as they are one of the most adorable animals on the planet.

Skip Hop’s Cry Activated Soother Sloth ($89.95) soothes baby with sweet songs, nature sounds and your recorded voice—even in the middle of the night while you sleep!

This soft bedtime friend features an innovative cry-activated smart sensor that automatically responds to cries so baby and parents get a good night’s sleep.

With over 20 minutes of continuous play it can soother bub then switch off so they can rest in peace.

The inbuilt voice recorder allows parents and cares to pre-record bub’s favourite soothing sounds to play when bub needs it.

Easy to attach to the crib, it’s also a cinch to set and customise—a voice recording option lets mum and dad comfort baby no matter where they are.

As baby grows, it becomes a huggable friend for toddlers.

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3. Baby Nest

The Done by Deer Cozy Nest ($119.95) will provide your baby with a safe feeling in the transition from mummy’s belly to sleeping in the crib.

It is perfect for your baby’s first sleep in bed, pram and cot.

Lightweight and portable it is the perfect accessory to take and about with .

With the Cozy Nest baby will always have a comfy and familiar place to rest at Mother’s Group, Play Group, their Grandparents house or anywhere you may go.

You can easily adjust the size of the Cozy Nest by pulling the strings and you are able to turn it inside out to get a new cool design.

The string stoppers assure safety approved string length.

So Ssssooze away little ones!

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4. The Gift of Sleep

ZAZU Plush with Heartbeat DexOne of the biggest pain points for new parents is lack of sleep and with Zazu’s Plush with Heartbeat Dex ($49.95) baby can be gently lulled to sleep.

With a gentle shake Dex starts playing your choice of womb sound with heartbeat, waterfall sound or 4 soothing melodies.

The in built Cry Sensor activates the soothing sounds when baby cries out.  There is no need for Mum or Dad to get up when Dex is on duty!

The music switches off automatically after 10 minutes.

No need to switch ON the music, just shake and he will start playing the last chosen song.

Dex is so soft and cuddly that as bub grows he becomes a well loved BFF that provides comfort even during their waking hours.

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5. Pregnancy Journal

Pregnancy journal black white & gold

Capture every precious and special pregnancy moment with Pearhead’s Pregnancy Journal ($24.95).

This guided journal includes 74 pages to highlight every moment from the big news to the big arrival.

Each section includes a pocket to add in baby’s special documents and pages to write in specific details about your pregnancy.

Within each section there are pages to include favourite pregnancy photos.

To add to the cuteness of this journal, you can display a 4″ x 5″ sonogram photo

Never forget a moment of your pregnancy with Pearhead’s pregnancy journal.

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6. Matty Change Mat

The Leander Matty Change Mat ($169.95) transforms any flat surface into a safe baby change station.

Bub will be super comfy lying straight on Matty thanks to its super soft material.  It’s wipe clean surfaces means that there is no need for a cover that needs to be washed constantly

Easy to clean and wipe the Matty is made from an hygienic 100 % waterproof surface so that no fluids leak into the cushion.

It’s super soft non-slip base complete with 4 silicone “feet” will keep it safely in place on any table, dresser or bench top. It’s function & portability enables you to create the perfect changing spot anywhere you may be.

Made from pliable yet strong PUR (polyurethane foam) you will love the sturdiness of Matt.  Weighing 2.9kg

The Matty weighs a sturdy 2.9kg so you can rest assured that the mat will stay in position even when bub is super active during change times.

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7. Plush Animal Play Mat

The KJ Essentials Plush Elephant Play Mat ($72.95) is the perfect solution to finding a clean soft spot for bub to lie on.

From tummy time to resting time and play time, every mum wants to make sure her bundle of joy has a safe and comfortable surface to roll around on.

These ultra-soft and squishable mats are silky smooth against your baby’s skin, letting bub discover new and exciting textures.

Babies love the sensory exploration of the elephant’s big round belly, its squishy arms and its huggable soft head with trunk.

Older kids love to chill out on it to watch telly, read or enjoy screen time.

It’s large size means its perfect for bub to roll around on and will still be a great rug for resting, reading and relaxing when they are toddlers.

New mums love to take these play mats to Mother’s Group for bub to lie and play on.  Use them at home on the tiled or hardwood floors as they have a clever non slip backing. Or use them in the Nursery as a super cute floor rug

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8. Designer Nappy Bag

A mum needs a good nappy bag and every mum deserves a beautiful one.

The OiOi Tan Faux Leather Nappy Backpack is a stylish and easy way to carry all your baby’s needs.

This stunning nappy bag is made from a premium faux leather making it super soft and so easy to wipe clean.

Mum will love the large zip around top opening for full and easy access especially when in a rush to grab something.

With 8 handy pockets with zip or elastic closures all the baby necessities will have it’s own space making quick grabs a breeze.

Included with the Oi Oi Faux Leather Nappy Bag is a cushioned changing mat, an insulated bag for baby’s bottle and a zip top purse for any soiled items.

Travel hands free in comfort  with the adjustable padded shoulder straps, or attach it to the pram using the complimentary stroller clips when heading out & about.

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9. Levo Ergonomic Baby Rocker

The Charlie Crane Levo Baby Rocker ($435) is the ultimate rocker for your new baby.  It goes above and beyond a standard rocker with its ergonomic design and natural rocking motion.

It’s the perfect place for your little one to chill out and rock away in comfort and style.

The Levo rocks gently with your baby’s movement so you can just sit back and watch bub self soothe and chill out.

The Levo Rocker features a child-friendly design that includes proven ergonomics to support your child’s healthy growth and it’s natural rocking follows softly the movements of your baby.

The slight incline of the rocker helps to reduce the symptoms of reflux and also means that the baby can look around and interact with loved ones.

The shaped birch and beech timber wood frame and soft yet durable cotton padding cushion top makes for a beautifully modern piece of nursery that will be adored by all.

It is suitable for newborns up to around seven months. The soft strap provides extra comfort and security.

The cushion cover can easily be detached and washed.

Browser our range of baby rockers here


10. Baby Bean Bag

The KJ Essentials Deluxe Baby Bean Bag ($62.95) is a fairly new concept and tagged as a life saver by many new mums.

When filled with light weight beans bub can nestle comfortably into the super soft padded seat.  Its unique design moulds around bubs body thus cradling delicate hips & back and also reducing the possibility of developing flat head.

I got my first baby bean bag was when my second child was 4 months and I loved it.

I could move the beans around inside so she could sit up comfortably after a feed or lie down to rest. I would bring it into the bathroom with me while I showered or outside while I garden.

She is now 6 years old and I have emptied out half the beans out and she still uses it to read in or watch shows on her iPad.

Available in top colours grey, pink, blue, white and mint.

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11. The Gift of Play


This Scandi style Tiny Activity Toys Gift Set ($54.95) from Done by Deer is the perfect gift for a tiny human who has just entered the world.

This set of 3 baby toys for the newborn has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot design award for design and function. Each toy is designed to appeal to a certain stage and to stimulate baby motor skills and cognitive development:

The crocodile sensory rattle is for babies 2-4 months old when their motor skills are still quite erratic as it is very soft with tactile tabs and shapes for stimulation.

At 3-5 months the textured star teething rattle with its soft handle is ideal. Everything is explored via their mouths and the gums are starting to itch as teeth are starting to move through.

At 6 months old baby can explore with both hands and will enjoy testing the loops and the shaped handle of the circle toy.

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12. Bumbo Multi Seat

The Bumbo Multi Seat  ($89.95)is the ultimate 3-stage seat designed for babies and toddlers who can already sit up unaided.

It can be used as a floor seat, strapped to an adult chair for feeding in place of a highchair or used as a booster by removing the pad.

The leg openings are bigger, the back rest less rounded and the seat surface is flat and not sloped as with the Bumbo Floor Seat enabling use from baby through to toddler.

The three-point harness keeps your baby safe and secure. The straps secure the Multi Seat to a chair for booster purposes.

The height-adjustable base and removable foam cushioning allows the Multi Seat to grow with your child (approx. 6 months, or children who are able to sit up unaided through to 3 years).

The soft foam pad and the tray can be easily removed to make room for older kids.

The multi seat tray is easily detached and manoeuvred with one hand to stow away neatly in its slot behind the backrest of the seat

Its base has non-slip pads and a smooth rounded surface to avoid damage to furniture or flooring

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13. Bottle Maker

With the push of a couple of buttons the Beaba Milkeo Automatic Bottle Maker measures out, mixes water and formula powder, then directly distributes milk into the bottle without air bubbles.  Your baby’s meal is prepared and ready to be consumed straight away at the perfect temperature.

It is super easy to operate with a press of button.  Pre select the desired temperature and the amount of water and powder so you are ready to make a bottle straight away at any time of the day or night.  No more measuring out milk powder and water. Be happy knowing that the Milkeo will make the perfect bottle with the right dose as the right temperature in as little as 20 seconds.

With its self-cleaning function of the mixing container, Milkeo guarantees perfect hygiene and makes your everyday life a lot easier. The large capacity of the water tank enables you to prepare up to 10 bottles.  The high-quality mixing system ensures a lump-free texture with a uniform temperature.

The display is simple and intuitive. The illuminated screen shows the selected temperature, the desired amount (in ml) and the amount of powdered milk used.

A time saving must have for bottle feeding families.

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14. Nappy Clutch

Every mum needs a nappy clutch to take out and about with them.

With the stunning OiOi Nappy Clutch she change nappies on the go in total style

We love the fresh Australian botanical print of this Australian designed clutch.  

You will love it’s generous size and sections that allow you to comfortably fit nappy wipes and a few nappies.

It folds out to a super comfy change pad that is waterproof and easily wipes clean.

The clever designers at OiOi have also added a zipped pocket at the back to store your personals too!

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15. Designer Pram Caddy

   As fashionable as it is functional, the OiOi Faux Leather Stroller Organiser is made from beautifully soft premium faux leather.

Designed to keep all of your baby and toddler essentials in easy reach when on the go.

The removable dividers allow you sort your essentials in either to one, two or three sections. This means you will have room for those larger items that you would struggle getting into any other pram caddy.

The two roomy front pockets gives quick and easy access while the back zip pockets keep your valuables secure.  There is nothing worse than fiddly around looking for a ringing mobile, or fumbling for your keys.  These pockets mean you can grab those important pieces in a flash.

We love the secure back pocket too.  It is hidden and discreet so is the perfect spot to hide your valuables.

Included is a long detachable faux leather strap to convert the organiser to a handy shoulder bag.

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16. Baby Food Maker

If you are looking for a showpiece baby gift then look no further than the Beaba Babycook Neo ($379.95). The Neo comes with a glass bowl and a stainless-steel steam basket.

Babycook Neo’s four settings eliminate the need for pots, a blender and a microwave so that making baby food is as simple as possible.

Create everything from a fine purée to a chunkier purée and everything in between – the unique pulse-blend feature ensures that your baby is getting the correct consistency of baby food every step of the way.

The patented steam cooking system turns off automatically, so you never have to worry about watching over the Babycook or overcooking your baby’s food.

The Babycook Neo makes up to 1 250 ml of food in a sleek, patented bench top appliance that steam cooks, blends and reheats/defrost all-in-one, in 15 minutes or less. Refrigerate or freeze leftovers, then simply defrost and reheat right in the Neo.

Mum can even make soups, purees, steamed vegetables, sauces & more for the rest of the family.

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17. In Sink Bather

Bathing your newborn can be a such a special moment between parent and child. With the Skip Hop Moby In Sink Bather ($58) it can be easy too.

Perfectly sized to cradle newborns and infants, this plush and supportive sink bather is a must-have for baby’s first baths.

It is also a fantastic product for those households that don’t have a bath.

If you normally bath them in the sink this will make bath time so much for comfortable for bub.

With a soft terry surface and a padded whale tail to protect baby’s head, the cushioned design fits in bathroom and kitchen sinks to cradle infants for comfy and convenient bathing.

The mesh bottom drains water quickly and the Velcro® strap makes it easy to hang dry into the bath.

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18. Cocoonababy Sleep Nest

Cocoonababy® (with fitted sheet) - LEAF

The Red Castle Coocoonababy ($259.95) was created in 1995 by Daniele Salducci, a paediatric physiotherapist at the Early Medico-Social Action Centre in Marseille, France.

Today the Cocoonababy® is used by thousands of health care professionals (mid-wives, osteopaths, physiotherapists, psychomotor therapists, etc.) in hospitals, medical and maternity clinics.

Thanks to the enveloping shape of the ergonomic nest, your baby lies in a semi-foetal position, which helps to reassure baby and promotes deep sleep.

The contact of baby’s shoulders and arms against the cocoon limits the effect of the startle reflex, preventing unnecessary disturbances during your baby’s natural sleep cycles.

Freedom of head movement limits the risk of  flat head syndrome.

The cocoon’s slightly inclined position helps prevent and relieve symptoms of gastric reflux and colic, while the positioning of the hips and knees is ideal for baby’s physical development.

When baby is awake, the slight incline also encourages interaction between you and your baby, as they don’t stare directly up at the ceiling.

The cocoon ‘wedge’ is repositionable with simple velcro fastenings and can be easily adjusted as baby grows, then later removed when it is no longer necessary.

The Cocoonababy foam is protected by two removable, breathable and washable covers: A waterproof protective cover, and a fitted cotton sheet.

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19. Kumi Cradle

From the talent French designers and craftsman of Charlie Crane comes the stunning Kumi Cradle.

This beautiful cradle acts as a reassuring and cosy cocoon for your precious new baby. 

It will be the place where they will gradually wake up to the world.

It’s the perfect mix of modern and traditional design, with its minimalist and contemporary lines.  The clever design of the legs enables a gentle rocking motion that will soothe baby to sleep. 

A gesture of high emotional value since it involves participating in the construction of the child’s nest.

The wooden structure is made from Turkish or Romanian Beech – whichever was available at the time of crafting.

The coocoon’s base is made from 100% natural breathable cotton while the surrounds is a mesh that allows baby to breathe but be seen without having to look into the cot and possible disturb bub. 

A custom made 100% cotton mattress is included.

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20. Activity Mat for Tummy Time & Interactive Play

Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Activity Gym

Let mum take a break while baby can play & learn on the Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Activity Gym ($179.95).

Every cloud has a silver lining—and this dreamy baby activity gym is no exception!

Offering hours of plush playtime, it features a soft colour palette to complement modern décor along with pops of neon to stimulate baby’s sight.

Five celestial-themed hanging toys will engage baby with lights, music and other stimuli while the cushy mat offers ultimate, cloud-like comfort.  Baby will have so much fun with the musical sheep, light-up star, cloud squeaker, bird rattle and the baby-safe sunshine mirror

The oversized mat offers cushiony comfort and multiple textures for sensory development

It also includes a gorgeous cloud-shaped tummy time pillow with a plush minky surface on one side and a fun print on the other

When it comes to baby’s enjoyment, the sky’s the limit!

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21. The Ultimate Jumper

Skip Hop’s Explore & More Jumpscape Foldaway Jumper ($274.95) is the most amazing jumper I have seen!

It is packed full of features that will keep bub (and you) thoroughly entertained.

I just adore the light-up cloud bounce counter that tracks baby’s jumps.  It even rewards baby with lights and music and breaks into applause at 100-jump milestones!

It also features a 360-degree rotating seat so baby can sit, swivel and bounce for maximum exploration.

Clip-on, movable toys encourage development and allows for bub to rediscover each toy as their position and location is changed

When playtime is done, easily fold our baby jumper flat for storage and transportation.

Pop it under the couch or under the bed to keep the house cleared or fold up and pop it in the car for trips to friends and family.

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22. Snooze Fest

The Aroma Snooze Sleep Aid Vaporiser  ($115)  is specifically designed to improve and enhance the sleep of the whole family, from new born babies, to senior family members.

The latest technology has been ulitised and is underpinned by evidence-based research on the science of sleep. The Aroma-Snooze has innovative new features which have been combined to really set it apart from other sleep-aids on the market.

The red/orange light has a 8 second rhythmic cycle to stimulate melatonin levels – the hormone in our body that regulates sleep.  Aroma-Snooze’s light can also oscillate between shades of the full colour spectrum of LED light, for a soothing and mesmerising effect and can be set to individual colours if desired.

One of Aroma-Snooze’s secret weapon lies in its built-in music and sound component which has a selection of sleep inducing sounds

Included with your order is the amazing Snooze essentials oil blend.

Available in white,bamboo look  pink or blue

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23. Penguin 2 in 1 Nightlight

The Tommee Tippee 2 in 1 Penguin Night Light is the perfect addition to any nursery.

A gentle dimmable penguin night light for baby and a guiding egg light for toddlers making trips to the bathroom or night time reading from 18m+

As well as looking very cute in your nursery, this adorable Penguin night light comes with controllable lights on both the Penguin and the egg .  You can turn the brightness down for a gentle glow or turn it up for late night nappy changes.

The portable egg is great for toddlers from 18 months’ old. Carry the egg as a guiding light during night time visits to the bathroom or, when they get older use it to read under the covers.  The egg is made from soft tactile silicone which your little one will love to hold.

Simple to charge, the egg light sits on its penguin base and recharges during the day and lasts up to 10 hours once removed.  The Penguin night light is powered by a mains power USB cable which also saves you hunting around for batteries.

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24. Playing Peekaboo

Meet Danny the Dog who is an adorable plush pet with flapping ears and sound.

Babies and pre-crawlers have  a ball playing peekaboo with Danny as he plays peek-a-boo with his flappy ears.

Press his left paw and Danny will sing the song ‘Do your ears hang low’ and flap his ears to the beat.  

Press his right paw and Danny will start playing the Peek-a-Boo game by covering his eyes with his ears and saying: ‘Where are you…? Peek-a-Boo, I see you’.

Bubs love learning the song and copying his moves.

Mums love him as keeps their little ones busy, entertained and learning new skills

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25. Handmade Teether

Duo Silicone & Beechwood Teether white marble

Baby’s can start teething as early as 4 months old so giving the gift of teething relief will be most most appreciated when the time comes.

The range of baby teethers from One Chew Three are not only practical but oh so beautiful.

This DUO baby teether gives little ones the best of both worlds – a soft, chewable silicone ring to soothe and massage sore gums and a hard, natural beech wood ring to provide greater relief and assist teeth to break through that last layer of gum.

Made from high quality, 100% food grade silicone beads that are free from BPA, lead, cadmium, phthalates, PVC and latex. They will not absorb odour or support the growth of mould, fungus or bacteria.

Complemented perfectly with a large 7 cm untreated beech wood ring, which are naturally antibacterial and non-splintering and sanded to a silky smooth finish.

These are modern, practical teethers at its best!

Browser our range of baby teethers here


26. All the Pretty Lights & Sounds

Moonlight & Melodies Nightlight Soother Owl

Skip Hop’s Moonlight & Melodies Nightlight Soother ($72.95) is a nightlight that plays soothing melodies & nature sounds and is also a starry night projection.

It features a dimmable nightlight belly that emits a warm soothing glow sure to lull bub off to sleep.  It gently soothes baby with eight gentle melodies and calming nature sounds.

An adjustable pivot lens projects a starry nightscape onto any surface so little one can see the luminous sky from their favourite sleeping position.

Bub will be spoiled for choice with four different melodies (Eine kleine Nachtmusik, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Brahms’ Lullaby, Rock-a-bye Baby) and four nature sounds (Rainforest, Jungle crickets, Waves, White noise with heartbeat)

Just choose the light and sound combination that’s right for your baby and our elephant will do the rest!

This clever soother  was on Khloe Kardashian’s baby shower list and I am sure it looks gorgeous in her nursery.

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27. Baby Milestones

Say hello with Pearhead’s Hello Babybook ($38).

This modern, black and white baby book includes 48 fill-in journal pages to record all of baby’s moments from their birth to their first days of school.

Display baby’s ultrasound photo on the front cover of this stylish baby book.

White, black, and gold foil colours decorate the front of this baby book with “hello baby” and a modern arrow design stamped in gold foil.

The inside pages of the baby book include space for photos, artwork, birthday memories, school keepsakes, and more.

This baby book also includes an area to fill in the family tree and information about mummy and daddy.

Pearhead’s babybook is the perfect gift for any baby shower!

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28. All Wrapped Up

Swaddle baby in super soft jersey cotton muslin wrap from Lil’ Fraser

The L’il Fraser wrap is a stylish, affordable and high quality baby wrap.

It’s big, it’s beautiful and it’s the handiest essential baby item ever.

Parents use their Lil Fraser wraps as a feeding shawl, a cot sheet, a pram cover, a bassinette throw and as a floor rug so that baby can be allowed to stretch out safely in unfamiliar places.

The L’il Fraser wrap is made from 100% jersey cotton. Due to its stretchy fabric it can easily swaddle any sized baby big or small

You will love the gorgeous packaging that it comes in making it the perfect gift for a baby shower.

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29. To the Letter!

Pearhead Letter Board

Pearhead’s Letter Board set ($34) is the perfect addition to your favourite social media pictures.

Includes grey felt and a white wooden frame making it perfect for monthly pictures. The easel makes it easy to prop up next to baby for their pictures and display their message.

With the 292 letters and numbers included anyone can have fun personalising your pictures from month to month. Include things like baby’s favourite foods to their height and weight.

Not using it as a monthly picture board? No problem!

This letter board can be used for any special picture, announcement, or moment. Announcing you’re pregnant?

Have fun filling in baby’s due date and snapping a picture.

It also includes a saw tooth hanger to easily hang on the wall. Include a new message every day for the entire family to see!

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30. Light me Up

Skip Hop Light Up Nappy Caddy

Skip Hop’s Light up Nappy Caddy ($79) is the nappy caddy that every mum wants.

Middle of the night nappy changes either involve waking bub the second you turn on the light, or fumbling around in the dark trying to keep bub asleep.

This versatile and sturdy nappy caddy features a unique touch-sensitive light on the handle.

The handle shines softly with a touch sensitive light and a 10 minute auto-off feature.

With a movable interior divider organise nappies, wipes and more with a modular divider and four pockets.

It’s nice and big too so you can hold everything you need and move it from room to room with ease.

Browse our nursery range here


31. Space Saving Drying Rack

When bottle feeding baby there is always the problem or how or where to store all of those washed and sterilised bottles, teats and attachments.

Free up valuable bench space with OXO Tot Space Saving Drying Rack ($49.95).

With a compact design that makes a big impact, the Space Saving Drying Rack will hold cups, bottles, and all their parts without cluttering the bench top.

The angled pegs hold cups and bottles at just the right angle for thorough drying, while the top and base are perfect for drying small parts like valves, or even pacifiers.

The Drying Rack fits neatly under cabinets, so it can be tucked out of the way against the wall.

The base tray features ridges to keep lids and more elevated for quick drying, and both the base and top trays are removable for thorough cleaning.

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32. Ollie the Owl

Ollie the Owl Rechargeable Light and Sound Sleep Aid  ($79.95) is the perfect sleep companion!

This cute and cuddly night-time companion provides soft lights, soothing sounds and gentle lullabies to help your baby settle to sleep.

CrySensor technology listens out through the night and plays soothing sounds or lullabies to help comfort and settle baby if they wake.

The cuddly Ollie the Owl bedtime pal has lots of features to help your little one sleep well.  Dimmable heart shaped lights, familiar sounds including white noise, rainfall and heartbeat as well as gentle lullabies.

During the night, Ollie uses his intelligent CrySensor to listen out should they stir and swoops into action to play soothing sounds to calm and help your baby drift back to sleep. The white noise option is familiar to the sound they heard in mummy’s tummy and is certain to help reassure little one.

The soft tummy glows to provide a dimmable nightlight for you to check on your little snoozer and now there’s no need for batteries as this light and sound sleep aid uses a USB rechargeable power pack to stay alert.

Available as Ollie the Owl, Bennie the Bear or Pip The Panda

Check out our full range of sleep aids here


33. Shnuggle Bath

The Shnuggle Baby Bath  ($55.95)  is designed to make bath time stress free for parents and fun for baby.

Suitable from newborn it helps support even the tiniest baby right up to 12 months plus.

The clever bum bump supports baby and helps them to feel safe and secure.

The foam back rest keeps baby cosy and the rubber feet keeps the bath in place.

Winner of Mother & Baby Gold 2017 and Junior Design Gold awards the Shnuggle baby bath, is one of the top rated baby baths available.

With its compact size, it uses only two litres of water and fits inside most kitchen sinks making it the perfect size for smaller spaces or with limited water supply.

Browse our baby bath products here


34. Jellycat Cuddles

Give the gift of baby’s first BFF with a Jellycat Bashful Bunny.

The Jellycat is one of the softest toys you have ever hugged, cuddled and adored.  

Each Bashful has a bag of beads incorporated into its design to help make it sit.

Babies and kids alike love cuddling and playing and sleeping with their Jellycat. 

They become such an important part of their early childhood that many parents buy two at a time and keep the second one safely tucked away in case the first one gets lost and their lil one can’t live without it!

Browse our range of Jellycat Bashfuls here


35. Baby Cookbook

Babies are introduced to their first foods at around 4 – 6 months old.

With the Beaba Babycook Cookbook mum can quickly and easily make their little one delicious and nutritious first foods 

This cookbook is designed for use with Beaba’s Babycook range, a small appliance that steams, blends, defrosts and reheats food.

Featuring 80 recipes developed by professional chefs Christophe Saintagne and Laura Portelli, who both studied at the Alain Ducasse School, with psychologist and nutritionist Laurence Haurat, the food journey starts with weaning your baby from milk and introducing your baby’s first vegetables and fruits.

The recipes gradually become more complex as your baby’s taste buds continue to develop.

Browse our range of Babycook Baby Food Makers here

Note prices & product availability correct at time of publishing and may be subject to change without notice