Top 12 of the Best Baby Sleep Aids for Newborns & Toddlers

When you are a new parent sleep becomes so very important that at times it’s all you can think about.  Some parents can say their babies sleep through and they are not sleep deprived. Who are these lucky people? For most new parents a decent sleep is something dreams are made of, if only they could sleep long enough to squeeze in a dream.

For those parents struggling to get their little ones to sleep there are some amazing sleep aids out there that work with lights, sounds, white noise and cuddly things to gently soothe little ones to sleep and put them back to sleep should they wake too soon. 

The problem is there are so many out there on the market today that it is hard to work out which one works for you and your family.   

To make life easier I have looked the world over for what I believe to be the best sleep aids on the market today.  These are the ones that I consider to be the best sleep aids and sleep trainers for preemies, babies and toddlers due to their design, their technology and of course their cute factor for who wants to ruin the look of their gorgeous nursery with a fugly sleep aid?

Knowing that every child is different and so too are their sleep needs I hope you can find something here that can provide some much needed sleep for you, your little one and the rest of the family.


1. Snooze Me All night Long

The Aroma Snooze Sleep Aid Vaporiser ($115) has so many sleep inducing features that makes it a game changer in the sleep aid world.

The first amazing feature is the red nightlight.  It is a scientifically proven fact that red & orange LED light is known to increase the production of melatonin, the hormone in our body which regulates sleep. This is the same principal used by NASA in space!

The Aroma-Snooze has a additional unique feature of the Red / Orange 8 second sleep cycle light, that can potentially further enhance relaxation and sleep.  Watching this cycle is very calming and soothing, and easy on the eye. You can also ‘set’ the light at any stage of this cycle, (and remain on the one shade of red).  It also plays 5 different sleep inducing sounds like heartbeat or lullaby or pink noise.  Plus you can record your very own message, sound or tune to play back to your child on a continuous loop to ease anxiety and support sleep.  Imagine recording your own voice making a shooshing noise and being able to play it over and over again.

It is also a HUMIDIFIER & IONISER to which works to improve air quality!  It’s cool mist pumping operation makes it safe and mould free.

Includes includes Snooze Essential Oil 15ml and available here


2. Lull To Sleep

For many the Lulla Doll ($98.95) needs no introduction as thousands upon thousands  of

Australian mums swear by this effective sleep aid.

It is the result of many years of scientific research that has lead to the creation of this revolutionary sleep companion. 

It cleverly imitates the closeness to a caregiver at rest and plays the soothing sounds of real-life breathing and heartbeat.

The best part of the Lulla Doll is that it runs continuously for 8 hours meaning baby can sleep longer with less chance of completely waking mid sleep.

The outer layer of the Lulla doll is made from new, soft material that  can absorb scent from caregivers if they first keep it close to their skin before giving it to their child for added feeling of comfort and security.

Available in Sky Blue, Coral Pink and Lilac with darker skin tone


3. Night Owl

Ollie the Owl ($69.95) is a soft toy sleep aid that wakes when bub does to calm and soothe them back to sleep.

This cute owl plays 4 comforting sleep sounds (Heartbeat, Rainfall, Static White Noise or Brahms Lullaby) with a gentle press of his wings or feet. 

Hidden behind his belly is with his gentle warm glowing nightlight that creates a lovely calming environment for your baby to drift off to sleep.

Each soothing sound plays for 20 minutes then shuts off to let bub sleep in peace. 

It’s built Cry Sensor cleverly reacts when bub cries out and automatically turns on the last played sound.

He has a secure Velcro fastening on his back that attaches to the cot, moses basket, pram or car seat.

He is also super soft and makes a great cuddle toy outside of sleep time too.

Available here


4. Sleepy Time Sloth 

How can you go past a sleepy sloth for snooze time?  

Skip Hop’s Cry Activated Soother Sloth ($89.95)  soothes baby with sweet songs, nature sounds and your recorded voice—even in the middle of the night while you sleep!

This soft bedtime friend features an innovative cry-activated smart sensor that automatically responds to cries so baby and parents get a good night’s sleep. The clever sound box has a built in voice recorder lets parents soothe baby with their voice or bub’s favourite comfort sound.

Easy to attach to the cot, it’s also a cinch to set and customise—a voice recording option lets mum and dad comfort baby no matter where they are.

As baby grows, it becomes a huggable friend for toddlers.

To clean simply remove the sound box first and throw Slothy in the machine.

Available in Unicorn too!

5. Moonlight & Melodies 

Moonlight & Melodies Nightlight Soother Owl

With Skip Hop’s Moonlight & Melodies Owl ($72.95) you get a nightlight plus melodies plus nature sounds plus a starry night projection all in one very cute lil owl.

Featuring a dimmable nightlight belly that emits a warm glow.  

It soothes baby with  four melodies – Eine kleine Nachtmusik, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Brahms’ Lullaby, Rock-a-bye Baby.  Plus it plays four calming nature sounds – rainforest, jungle crickets, beach waves and white noise with the all important heartbeat that mimics life in the womb.

An adjustable pivot lens projects a starry night scape onto any surface so your little one can see the luminous sky from their favourite sleeping position.

Just choose the light and sound combination that’s right for your baby and our owl will do the rest!

Available here


6. Sleep in a Heartbeat

The ZAZU plush heartbeat sleep aid ($49.95) is available in Dex the Dog, Liz the Lamb and Don the Donkey.

They look like a gorgeous soft toy that complements the modern nursery but hidden inside is a removable sound box that plays a  range of sleep inducing sounds &  melodies. 

The best bit is they are sound activated which means you don’t need to go and turn it on again should they wake and start to cry.

You can even activate the sounds by shaking it which is a dream come true in the middle of the night when the last thing you want to be doing is searching for a tiny little on switch. 

This shake to wake feature is also perfect for when they are a little older and grab their toy for comfort.

I love the modern Scandi look of these plush animals and they look so cute in a nursery.

Available here


7. Cuddle Buddies

ZAZU Katie the Kitty

This fun range of ZAZU sleep companions ($49.95) is just the thing to keep your little one company during dark nights. 

 Max the Monkey, Bo the Bunny and Katie the Kitty  are soft plush toys that function as night lights that play soothing music to help kids get to sleep, walk around the house at night or provide comfort during nap-time.

Each one has a sound box hidden behind their belly that plays 3 different gentle sleep sounds designed to gently soothe bub off to sleep. 

This clever sound box features 2 volume settings & 3 different melodies; Lullabies, Lounge & Nature sounds so you will be able to find just the right sound to gently lull bub to sleep.

Another great feature is the soft glowing night light in their belly that can be easily turned on by pressing their tummy.

They are the right size for toddlers too and can be awesome glowing companions for night time wanders to the bathroom.

To clean simply remove the sound box and throw in the wash.  Easy.

Available here

8. Lou the Night Owl

Zazu Lou Voice Activated Nightlight blue

Zazu’s Lou the Owl Nightlight (59.95) provides your little ones with varied lighting at different stages of their night time routine.

Powered by mains electricity or batteries, this nightlight can be left on all night long or set to turn off automatically depending on the sleep pattern of your child.

The owl and the outer ring are two separate lights. Use together for a brighter light or separately for a low glow.

Lou will switch on when your child wakes and makes a sound

Set the timer to automatically switch off once your child has dropped off to sleep.

The owl and his outer ring lights are adjustable: choose bright, soft or ambient light.

This dim lighting makes it easy to check on your babies without disturbing them.

Available in grey, blue or pink


9. Sleep Walking

The Skip Hop Stroll & Go Portable Baby Soother ($26.95) is the perfect sleep soother for when you are on the go or away from home.

It features two peaceful nature sounds and two lullabies designed to calm and lull baby to sleep. 

It also has a volume control and an auto off timer allowing bub to fall asleep and continue on sleeping in peace.

The auto timer three auto-off timer settings of 15, 30 and 60 minutes making it easier for carers to select time for bub to fall into a deep sleep whilst saving the batteries.

Use the silicone strap to attach it to the stroller, car seat or travel cot and create a soothing sleep environment for baby, wherever you are.

The portability of this sleep aid takes the stress out of travelling with bub. 

Create the same environment as home whether you are at a friends house, the grandparents house or away on holidays.

Available here

10. Gro Clock

Gro Clock with book

The Gro Clock ($49.95)  from The Gro Company shows “Wake Up” Time for younger children with animated display.

Included with the Gro Clock is a beautifully illustrated bedtime story that helps to reinforce the message “Stay in Bed until the Sun”. 

The glowing screen shows images of stars and the sun to communicate ‘sleep’ and ‘wake–up’ time to children.

The stars go out one–by–one during the night to show the passing of time, helping to ensure parents and children get some precious extra sleep.

The Gro Clock can also be used to help teach children the time, with the option of a digital time display.

My hot tip is once you have set up the clock with the desired sleep and wake times, read the included ‘Sleepy Farm’ book to your little as it tells the story of how the Gro Clock work.

Available here 


11. Like Clockwork

One of the greatest challenges with toddlers is the super duper early wake ups!  They don’t have much of a concept of time and a sleep trainer can help with this.

The Skip Hop Moonlight And Melodies Sleep Trainer Nightlight ($64.95) is a 4-in-1 design that works as a sleep trainer, soother, nightlight and alarm that’s a cinch to set and customise for your needs.

When it is in sleep trainer mode it will glow red when it is time for bed, yellow when it is almost time to get up and green when it is okay to get up.  

When it is in soother mode it plays two calming sounds and a lullaby.

In nightlight mode it will provide comfort with a warm glow and 3 brightness levels

When in alarm mode it wioll gently wake-up your little one with a sweet song and lights.

Shaped like a cloud it is super cute too!

Available here


12. Beam Me Up

Zazu’s Gina Torch & Nightlight ($38.95) creates a soothing atmosphere for your child to snooze.

Create a soothing atmosphere for your child to snooze with the Gina Torch & Nightlight.  
Features a nightlight with 7 different colours of yellow, orange, red, pink, blue, turquoise or green.
Used as a nightlight you can choose your preferred colour for sleeping and the auto timer will switch it off after 30 minutes
Use as a torch for reading, exploring or finding your way around your room or throughout the house and to the bathroom. 
When set to use as a torch it will auto switch off after 10 minutes to save on power.
Contains a rechargeable that is charged with the included USB cable.

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