The ‘not so obvious’ List of What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

Packing your hospital bag for your baby’s birth is one of those special events in your third trimester.  It’s a bit of a big deal as it’s when things get real. It’s also a struggle to know what to pack especially if it’s your first time but mainly due to the mental block of baby brain.

Your friends and family will tell you what you need to pack from what you would normally need or want for a night away to the essentials bub will need in the first days of their life.  These are the obvious things that everyone knows to pack.  But what about those random oddball things that are not so obvious that not everyone will tell you?

To make life easier I have compiled the below very handy list of the not so obvious things to pack in your hospital bag.

Big Black Undies    There is no nice way to put this but immediately after you give birth you have what is like a very very very heavy period for weeks. So be prepared with cheap big black undies that you will prefer to throw away than wash.

Heavy Duty Pads   Refer above as to why. Get the biggest most absorbent ones you can find. Some mums have told me in the first few days they used adult incontinence pads.

Dry Shampoo  You won’t get much personal time in hospital so forget about washing your hair and take a can of dry shampoo so you look and feel fresh especially when all those visitors arrive

Snacks  Pack lots of yummy snacks that you can eat with one hand as you will be forever doing baby stuff with the other hand. Plus hospital food sucks.  It’s also really good to have a nibble on something sweet while you’re feeding especially at night when the hospital kitchen is normally closed

Recovery Shorts   Whether they be the proper hospital grade ones or high waisted bike shorts you will definitely need them post partum

Hydrogel Nipple Discs   At first your nipples will hurt before they and the baby get used to the whole breastfeeding thing. So be prepared with instant relief when you need it

Soft Toilet Paper   It’s going to be tender down there for a little bit and the last thing you want touching your nether regions is harsh hospital toilet paper so pack the softest toilet paper you can find

Water Wipes   They are softer than toilet paper and just the thing to give your bits a gentle clean and reduce the chance of infection after a bowel movement. But don’t flush them!

Pyjamas with Easy Boob Access  Wearing a neck to knee nightie with no front opening will mean naked breastfeeding and no one wants that!  Or pack a robe so bub can enjoy skin to skin as you feed without going fully bare naked.

Extension Lead For Your Phone charger   The power points in hospitals are often too far away or in a weird spot. You want your phone charging next to you especially when you are in bed resting or feeding

Ear Plugs   The maternity ward sounds like a zoo with all the babies crying at all hours of the night. When your bub is sleeping you want to be sleeping too and not being kept awake by someone else’s bub.  Be sure to pop them in and have a sleep while hubby takes care of bub

Sleep Mask  Hospitals aren’t the best place to get a decent sleep.  As a new mum you are on a 24 hours clock and you sleep when you can whether it is day or night. Pack a sleep mask and you can block out the light during the day and sleep like it’s night.

Lip Balm   All the heavy breathing and the dehydration from labour, hospital air conditioning and breastfeeding leads to dry lips so keep them soft and hydrated with a soothing lip balm