Winter Rescue Remedy 15ml


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100% Certified Organic Essential Oil Blend for use in the Aroma Bloom 5 in 1 Diffuser

A powerful, and nurturing blend to combat the symptoms of colds & viruses all year round.

This blend can help to clear the airways and assist a restful night’s sleep helping your little ones heal.

Organic lavender oil works to calm and relax while your little one can benefit from the antibacterial properties of the organic eucalyptus and tea tree oil.

100% Organic Blend of the following oils

  • Lavender
  • Eucalyptus
  • Tea Tree


When used in our Aroma Bloom Diffuser there is no heat involved so the essentials oils are kept in their purest form unlike traditional oil burners which can damage the qualities of the oils. With no heat, there is no risk of danger to your little one


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Recommended application in the Aroma Bloom:

Infant or small room: 1 – 2 drops

Large room or open area: 3 – 5 drops

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