Safe-Air Purifier with Sterilisation Mode + Organic Oil


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The Safe-Air Sterilisation Humidifier will safely and effectively destroy 99% of harmful germs in the air.

Protect your family from sickness causing germs with the Lively Living Safe-Air Purifier.  Incorporating EOW – Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water Technology.

The Safe-Air Purifier does not use filters, solutions or tablets, just add water and you’re ready to go!  The water tank holds 1.8L capacity ( or 2L if including the water in the atomizing chamber).

You may choose to only use the humidifier function at any time. Maintaining humidity using the Safe-Air Purifier’s humidifier function, helps prevents throat and skin disorders due to dryness and bacteria.

The Safe-Air Purifier emits an ultra-fine mist that easily evaporates naturally without creating dampness.  There are 3 levels of output to choose from – High, Medium and low mist output.

It has a 2 hour Automatic Disinfecting Sterilization Mode with a 10-20 hour duration Ultrasonic Humidifier mode.


Bonus 10ml Certified Organic WINTER RESCUE REMEDY Blend INCLUDED (limited time only) 


    Why every home should have a Safe-Air Purifier:

    Safe-air Purifier  100% SAFETY AIR DISINFECTANT
    Lively Living’s Safe-Air Purifier with innovative micro-electrolysis sterilisation technology will oxidize and decompose the amino acids of bacteria and pathogens in the air, then inhibit their growth and reproduction. The humidifier electrolyze water into -OH, [O], H +, OH- and other strong oxidizing sterilization ions. It reduces to water molecules without any chemical residues or pungent smell after sterilizing.

    The air sterilisation function will quickly improve the air quality, & improve your breathing comfort, assisting sleeping, nasal congestion & dry skin. In addition, the Safe-Air Purifer  will help reduce coughs & sinus issues.


    To Operate: Firstly press the bottom power button on. You then have the choice to press either the top Sterilisation Button, to commence the 2 hour sterilization function, or press the middle button for the longer ultrasonic humidifier function.

    The Safe-Air Purifier automatic 2 hour sterilization mode, will automatically switch off after 2 hours.
    The ultrasonic humidifier automatically shuts off when the water is depleted for your peace of mind.

    With the press of a button the 2 hour sterilisation cycle is started. Once the two hour  cycle is completed, you can choose to continue the  safe-air purifier in humidifier mode.

    Safe-air Purifier SLEEP EASY
    Nearly silent when running at just 26dB, it’s perfect for a restful nights sleep adding moisture to the air and assisting breathing.

    Safe-air Purifier THE SCIENCE
    Converting water (H2O) into -OH, [O], H +, OH- and other oxidising sterilisation ions to destroy the DNA / RNA of harmful germs. After this sterilisation process, it is reduced to neutral water molecules and is gentle on the skin and body. 



    • Disinfecting Sterilisation Mode – 2 hours, 30 m³/2h
    • Ultrasonic humidifier – 8-20 hours
    • 1.8L water capacity – Tap fillable
    • Size: 19cm x 30cm
    • Colour – White

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    Safe-Air Purifier with Sterilisation Mode + Organic Oil

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