Deluxe Baby Bean Bag pink


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The Deluxe Baby Bean bag is possibly the softest and comfiest spot to rest bub.

The base is made with waterproof AND stain proof PVC with white and light grey vertical stripes.  Included are with two padded tops that are made with water resistant super soft pink coloured velvet.  One top has a built in 3 point safety harness for babies, and the second top is harness free for toddlers and older kids.

When filled with beans it is like a little nest in which bub can sit up, lie down or anywhere in between.

Designed for use from birth through to tweens this is an item that will grow with your child.

See below for more info on the Deluxe Baby Bean Bag


Note the grey colour of the stripe may vary slightly across the different bean bags


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Waterproof & Stain Proof

With an on trend grey and white striped woven PVC base that is waterproofed AND stain proof you can keep your baby bean bag clean from spills and accidents.  Can be wiped down with a damp cloth.

Padded Tops

The tops are made with super soft water resistant velvet.  Water literally runs straight off so no need to worry about any spills or explosions.  They are also lightly padded for extra comfort.

Heavy Duty underside

The underside of the base is black washable heavy duty PVC cloth ensuring you don’t have to worry about dirtying or damaging it on rough or dirty surfaces.

Phthalate Free

All our deluxe baby bean bags are phthalate free and tested for safety.  Phthalate is a chemical that can be added to plastics to provide softness and flexibility but if ingested can caused kidney or liver damage and possible male infertility. In Australia, this chemical is banned from any products that a child up to 36 months can readily chew or suck.  It is not banned from bean bags but as safety is our number 1 concern we ensure that our product is free from this dangerous chemical.

Double Safety Zippered

The entry for the filling is secured with two safety zippers which are normal zippers with the pull tag removed to ensure little hands cannot access the beans or crawl inside.

Carry Handle

The deluxe baby bean bag has a secure carry handle loop making it easy to carry or hang for storage or to keep away from your fur animals when not in use.

Years of Use

As bub grows empty some of the beans out to make room for their growing bodies.  When they are old enough to sit up you would have needed to empty about a third of the beans.  Once they no longer need the harness simply zip this top off and zip on the harness free top that is included in your package.  When they reach around 12 months you will only need about half the beans so your little one can sit in it like a regular bean bag.


Your baby bean bag comes to you unfilled. Bean bag beans can be purchased from most department and discount stores for around $12 for 100L. You will only need about 60L to fill it, so keep the remaining beans in a safe place for top ups, or to fill your next baby bean bag purchase.

Do not overfill or you may risk your baby rolling off. It should not be too firm to touch and you should be able to make a dip for bub to lay safely in. Do not lift and move the bean bag while your baby is strapped in as they may fall out and harm themselves



  • Length: 72 cm
  • Width: 47.5cm (approx 20cm wider when filled)
  • Height: 38cm (back)
  • Height: 14cm (front)

Additional information

Weight .844 kg
Dimensions 72 × 52 × 42 cm