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Nights can be long when you are a new parent! We know how important a restful night’s sleep for both you and bub is, which is why we have brought together some of the leading products on the market to help make sleep time a little bit more peaceful for you. Manufactured by reputable brands and recommended by KJ Essentials owner and mother-of-two Kelly, our products are perfect for creating a calming atmosphere for your baby.

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We have a great variety of items to add to bub’s cot to help encourage sleep and comfort. Take a look at our cute plush toys featuring heart beat sounds, white noise and recorded womb sounds. These award-winning sleep aids have been proven to help settle babies by echoing the environment of the womb, thereby simulating a soothing and familiar atmosphere. Now, you can buy baby sleep aids online in Australia thanks to Kelly.

We also sell sleep trainers for toddlers, nightlights with blue tooth connectivity, star projection cuddle toys and cot mobiles. From the nursery room to intimate one-on-one snuggles with your precious little one, our high-quality products ensure comfort, cosiness, and the creation of beautiful memories!

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Browse our online range of products for your baby – from our fantastic blankets and sleep-aiding devices to items for the bath and play time. Our extensive selection is great for those looking to buy a quality gift for an upcoming baby shower as we can promise excellent products that come highly recommended by new parents themselves. Furthermore, for that unique present with a sentimental touch, why not take a look at our range of baby keepsakes that enable mums and dads to keep track of the entire journey from pregnancy to birth?

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