Baby Bean Bags

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Baby Bean Bags by KJ Essentials

We have one of the largest and most stylish range of baby bean bags in Australia.  Choose from a variety of patterns and colours that will compliment the decor in your home or nursery. The KJ Essentials baby bean bag is possibly the softest comfiest spot to rest bub.  When filled with light weight beans, bub can nestle comfortably into the seat.  It’s unique design moulds around bub’s body thus cradling delicate hips and back and reducing the possibility of developing flat head.

Suitable from birth up to 10 years

They are just the thing for sitting bub in the perfect position after feeds, especially for twins, those with reflux or tube fed bubs.  Our customers with premature babies tell us they have been the best baby item they have purchased as they are great for popping bub in for feeding and comforting. Lightweight & portable you can take them into the bathroom while your shower, or outside while you enjoy the fresh air or along to mother’s group to keep them off the floor. They have a built in 3 point safety harness suitable for newborns and come with a plain top for toddlers and kids up to 30kg.

The perfect baby shower gift

When filled with beans, the baby bean bag is so wonderfully soft. This can help to prevent or relieve a well known syndrome, known as flat head. This occurs due to the fact that in the first few months of life, caregivers are encouraged to lay baby on their back for safe sleeping, then when awake, they lie down on their back on play mats, car seats, prams, the floor etc.

This means that the back of their soft little heads can sometimes flatten to the shape of the surface they spend so much time lying on. Not only does this look a little odd on bub, it can lead to other issues if not treated. This is why baby bean bags are so great, as the beans mould around bub’s head, cushioning it so lightly thus preventing hard spots that can lead to flat head.

Another great reason to use a baby bean bag is if your bub suffers from gastro intestinal issues, such as reflux or GORD. Health care professionals recommend not lying bub flat when suffering from reflux, and recommend a slightly elevated surface. Due to the beans, the baby bean bag can be easily adjusted so that when bub lies in it, they can be slightly elevated or sit right up. This works with gravity to aid digestion and to also prevent the discomfort for all involved, when bringing up a full belly of milk.

Years of Use

Our baby bean bags are suitable for children weighing up to 30kg or around 10 years of age.  Not many gifts you buy your newborn are still being used when they are in primary school.

Check our Gallery to see all our happy customers from preemies, to newborns and toddlers loving their baby bean bags.