Baby Bean Bags

We have one of the largest and most stylish range of baby bean bags in Australia.  Choose from a variety of patterns and colours that will compliment any home or nursery.

The KJ Essentials baby bean bag is possibly the softest comfiest spot to rest bub.  When filled with light weight beans, bub can nestle comfortably into the seat.  It’s unique design moulds around bub’s body thus cradling delicate hips and back and reducing the possibility of developing flat head.

They are suitable for use with preemies to older kids up to 10 years.

They are also fantastic for sitting bub in the perfect position after feeds, especially for twins, those with reflux or tube fed bubs.
Our baby bean bags are lightweight & portable. They have a built in 3 point safety harness suitable for newborns. They also come with a plain top for toddlers and kids up to 30kg.

The trick is to empty out a few beans at a time to make room for their growing bodies.  When they are old enough to sit up simply unzip the harnessed top and replace with the plain toddler top.  Then adjust the position of the beans so they can sit up and use the bean bag just like an adult sized one.

Baby Bean Bags make the perfect baby shower gift or gift for new parent.

Baby bean bags are still relatively new to the market and make a great unique gift.  There is also nothing like a gift that will last until baby is 10 years old. They are light weight and portable and can easily be moved from room to room.  Their waterproof fabric means mum can take them into the bathroom with her and keep an eye on bub while she showers.  Or take them outside and sit them under the shade of a tree and watch nature together.  Or sit on the lounge room floor in safety and comfort while every one enjoys family time.  Then as bub grows, they can be used to chill out on while watching telly or reading or playing games.  The possibilities and benefits are endless!