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Our deluxe baby bean bag is possibly the softest spot to rest bub.  It is waterproof  & stain proof for easy cleaning. The soft velvet tops are lightly padded for extra comfort. Each top is water resistant and can be easily zipped on or off for cleaning and changing.

The baby bean bag is suitable for use from birth to older children weighing up  to 30kg. The KJ Essentials baby bean bag is possibly the softest comfiest spot to rest bub.  When filled with light weight beans, bub can nestle comfortably into the super soft padded seat.  It's unique design moulds around bub's body thus cradling delicate hips & backs.  Customers have come to us on recommendation from their paediatricians for a seat that works with their hip dysplasia treatment.

Suitable from birth up to 10 years

Baby bean bags are just the thing for sitting bub in the perfect position after feeds, especially for twins, those with reflux or tube fed bubs.  Our customers with premature babies tell us our baby bean bag has been the best baby item they have purchased as they are great for popping bub in for feeding and comforting. Lightweight & portable you can take them into the bathroom while you shower, or outside while you enjoy the fresh air or along to mother's group to keep them off the floor. Each baby bean bag comes with two interchangeable and padded waterproof tops.  One has a built in 3 point safety harness suitable for newborns and the other a harness free top for toddlers and kids up to 30kg.

Waterproof and Stain Proof

The base of our deluxe baby bean bags are made from a revolutionary soft woven PVC that is waterproof and stain proof.  Liquids just roll off and stains wipe clean.

The perfect baby shower gift

Our baby bean bags make the perfect statement baby shower gift.  Simply fill and pop a nice big bow on the top and you have a show stopping gift to present the expectant mother with.

Phthalate Free

All our deluxe baby bean bags are phthalate free and tested for safety.

Years of Use

Our baby bean bags are suitable for children weighing up to 30kg or around 10 years of age.  Not many gifts you buy your newborn are still being used when they are in primary school.