My Toddler Tastes

Before Children (BC) I liked to think of myself as having fairly sophisticated tastes.

I liked exotic and spicy foods. I like interesting documentaries that expanded my mind and left me thinking. I enjoyed challenging debates with my friends about sociology and philosophy. I even loved a big fat flat glass filled with ice and topped with expensive vodka and a wedge of fresh lime.

But these tastes are now just a memory. It seems that these BC tastes have been sneakily replaced by Toddler Tastes.

Yes, I have the very unsophisticated tastes of a 3 year old.

I like simple plain foods that are served at room temperature. I have even started enjoying a squirt of tomato sauce with my dinner. I love junky mindless tv like The Bachelor, The Kardashians, but even more so toddleresque of me I love laughing at Shaun the Sheep, and marvelling at the magical kingdom of Ben & Holly. My penchant for vodka has now changed to sugary alco. I even love popping a straw in for that extra bit of fun. Not to mention how much I now love stringer cheese, dippity bix and 2 minute noodles.

What happened to me?

Has being a stay at home mum to a 2 and 3 year old meant that I am outnumbered and by the process of majority rules I have let their tastes overcome mine?

Will my tastes now ‘grow’ as theirs do? In a few years time will I be secretly loving a cut lunch in a Barbie lunch box? Will that lunch be deli meat and sauce sandwiches without the crusts?

Argh what has happened to me?

Not sure, but I am off to have a nice big bowl of coco pops.