More Than Just a Hardware Store

Last week I was at Bunnings to buy yet another sample pot of paint for yet another DIY project when it struck me that they totally nailed it when they coined the phrase, “lowest prices are just the beginning”.

I mean, there was a point back in the day where you just went to the hardware store to get, um, you know, hardware. Like nails and stuff. But now, well thanks to Bunnings, you can go there for almost an entire day and not even look at a nail!

The last time I went, it was with the whole family and we were there for hours and hours. There was so much going on that we didn’t realise just how long we’d been there for.

This is not just a once off awesome day at Bunnings, but a regular occurrence.

One this day in particular, as we walked in the door, resisting the urge to get a brekky sausage, and BAM the kids were already happy as clams because they scored a kiddie trolley each. As we walked past the checkouts, we were then met with an awesome looking Old English Sheepdog aka the Dulux Dog sitting happily on a trestle table getting cuddles and handshakes and selfies with young and old. The kids who are huge dog fans were absolutely tickled pink to be able to cuddle such a magnificent dog and be offered a paw shake.

Then we moved down to the play centre which the kids absolutely love, and I love even more as for me it means sitting back on a comfy bench sipping a coffee from their pretty decent café. In between playing, Miss 3 was buzzed to get her face painted while Miss 4 popped into the DIY crafty area and decorated a wooden thingy with some stick on doodlebugs.

Then disaster struck, as Miss 3 quick as a flash scaled the outside of the enclosed slide in the play centre. I swear I only looked at my Facebook for a second!

She was like a rat up a drain pipe and was at the top before I knew it. Check out the pic and you can see how pleased she is with herself up where she shouldn’t be! Ugh. Oh the embarrassment.

I was so grateful when a Bunnings dude, who I secretly named Bunning Gryls, walked past and said with a smile that he’d get her. He casually opened the kiddie gate like he’d done a hundred times before and strolled over and gracefully half climbed the slide, scooped her up and popped her in my arms.


But not unexpected as I have never seen a grumpy Bunnings employee – they are all so happy and friendly.

We then had to leave the play centre after that as I prefer to leave the scene of my poor parenting crimes. But there was still more fun to be had looking at all the tiny bonsai plants and cacti and fairly unattractive outdoor settings.

Of course, no Bunnings visit is complete without stopping past the sausage sizzle. Oh yeah, a plain thin sausage in plain white bread from that place is just the best and cannot be replicated at home.

Then we got to go home and unpack all the things we don’t really need but had to put something in the kiddie trolleys. Although I am sure those solar powered fairy lights will look awesome up our tree.

Maybe Bunning Gryls might drop in on his way home to pop them up.