Little Fingers and Little Toes – how quickly they grow

One of the things that I absolutely adore about babies are their teeny tiny little fingers and toes.  When my kids were born I used to just gaze at them at all the time and marvel at how tiny and edible they were.

Over the years I have taken loads of pics and vids of their deliciously teensy little toes.  The way they are so soft and squidgy and sit so adorably at the end of their pudgy little feet.  I would squeal with delight when I could capture them wiggling their toes as they fed, or when their little hands would spread out with their startle reflex when you first picked them up.

If you’re wondering, I don’t have a foot fetish as I truly don’t like the look of adult feet.  I just like how tiny and perfect little babies hands and toes are.

This is why I really regret not getting an imprint of my kids hands or feet when they were babies.  I wish I could have captured them and locked their tiny size in time.  Never to grow.  Then I could look at them whenever I felt like a little walk down memory lane.

What I didn’t know back when my kids were tiny, is that it is so easy to do it yourself.  There are some wonderful DIY kits out there that come with everything you need to create your own impressions of your little ones hands and feet.

My favourite brand of DIY clay kits is Pearhead.  Not only is their impression clay the best on the market, but it is so easy to use.  If you make a mistake then no problem, you can just roll it out again and redo it as many times as you need to until you get the perfect impression.

My one big tip when using the clay is to make a nice deep impression so that when it dries you get a very clear and distinct imprint.  This means you can see their tiny little creases and lines.  The ones that disappear so quickly as bub grows.

With the Pearhead clay impression kits you get the non toxic soft air drying clay and the rolling pin so you can roll out your clay with ease.  You also get a shaping ruler so you can square off your clay to a nice neat shape after you’ve taken bub’s imprint.

My favourite Pearhead clay imprint product would have to be the Babyprints Deluxe Wall Frame.  This is a classic white shadowbox frame        that is designed for a pic of bub in the centre and their hand and foot print either side.  It looks so gorgeous on the nursery room wall or on a picture frame wall.  As your imprint is placed behind the glass of the frame, it never gets dusty or dirty.  This makes the perfect lifetime momento.

You have to check out the video demo to see just how easy the process is!

You can purchase this frame and many other Pearhead products from the KJ Essentials keepsakes section at

Imprint before they grow any more!