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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will I receive my order?
A: We post all orders within 2 business days.  All orders are despatched from our warehouse in Moorabbin, 3189, Victoria.  We do not ship on National or Victorian Public Holidays.
Delivery time frames as suggested by Australia Post are as below.  Please note these are estimates only and times may change in busier times or around public holidays

DestinationETA Business Days
Melbourne Metro2
Country Victoria4
Bris, Syd, Can, Tas3 to 4
Adel, Perth, Dar5 to 6 days
Other InterstateCheck with Aus Post

Q: Do you post with Express Post?
A: We sure do!
Just be sure to check with Australia Post to see if you are in the Express Post network.
If your order is not in the Express Post network will still get your order faster than normal as they will fly it to your nearest capital city and rail it from there cutting at least a few days off travel time.

Q: Do you have a physical shop I can browse in?

No we don’t have a bricks & mortar store. We are 100% online and are not set up for customer visits to our office or showroom.

Q: How do I fill the baby bean bag?
A: You can buy bags of beans from department stores like Kmart for around $12 for a 100L bag.
For a newborn, you will need about 60 – 75L to fill the bag and less if your baby is older.
The two easiest ways to fill your bag are
1) – make a funnel out of a rolled up piece of cardboard and secure with packing tape
– insert the funnel 3/4 into the inner liner of your bag and tighten the zipper around it
– snip the top corner off your bag of beans
– have another hold your funnel set up and zipper tight while you pour the beans in
2) – get a standard size bucket with pouring spout
– snip the top corner off your baby of beans
– pour beans in to the bucket
– pour beans from the bucket into the baby bean bag
3) – if you are local to Moorabbin in Melbourne, we can fill your bag for an extra $25 and have it ready for you to pick up at a time that’s convenient for you. Just call or message us to arrange.

Q: How many beans do I need to fill the baby bean bag?
A: You can buy bags of beans from department stores like Kmart for around $12 for a 100L bag.
For a newborn, you will need about 60L to fill the bag and less as the child grows so ensure you empty out a few handfuls every so often.
By the time they are toddlers you would only need about 30L for them to sit comfortably in the bag.

Q: My baby bean bag’s zip doesn’t work?
A: All of our baby bean bags have had their zip pulls removed for safety as per the Australian guidelines. To operate your zip, thread the included paper clip into the hole where the zip pull goes to operate.

If your zip is still stuck take out the zip and pop it in to the other part of the hole. Have a look at the hole and you will see it is divided in half by a metal arm. If you put it in one part the zip remains locked in place, in the other half it glides easily.

Q: Can you please fill my baby bean bag for me?
A: We sure can!
For an extra $25 we can have your baby bean bag filled and read to can collect from our office in Cochranes Rd, Moorabbin, which is 17km South East of Melbourne. Just call us or send us a message to arrange.
To order and pay online, select the Bean Bag Filling option in the Rest Section.
How to order Info is also available under the short description of each baby bean bag titled Local Pick Up

Q: I have placed an order but didn’t receive a confirmation email. Did you receive my order?
A: After every successful order, a confirmation email is sent to the email you entered with your order.
If you cannot see it in your inbox, your email system may have redirected it to your Spam or Junk folder.

Q: What is the difference between your standard and deluxe baby bean bags?
A: We currently have two types of baby bean bags being the standard and the deluxe.
The main differences between them are the base of the Deluxe baby bean bag is made from waterproof and stain proof fabric. It is a thicker & stronger yet softer fabric than that of the standard.
The Deluxe tops are also padded and made with water resistant fabric. Whereas the standard tops are made with a single layer of non waterproof micro suede.