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Baby Shusher for KJ Essentials for Baby

Baby Shusher was created by Chad and Katie Zunker, who birthed the product out of their own personal desperation while raising their three little girls.

While desperately trying to get their baby to sleep they discovered the ancient art of rhythmic shushing while watching a doctor’s DVD. They had never heard of shushing before, but this was different. It was loud, intrusive, and in long rhythms that worked like a snake charmer on an angry viper.

They soon discovered that it was exhausting and at times impossible to execute the kind of shushing required to put their baby properly to sleep so they did the next best thing and invented a machine that did it for them – the miracle worker Baby Shusher.

They are so proud to be able to help parents, doctors, clinicians, photographers, and more around the world with Baby Shusher.

Order your Baby Shusher miracle maker from KJ Essentials for Baby now.

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