This Baby Bean Bag is a Life Saver

For the first several months of my daughter Willow’s life, she suffered with silent reflux.  It was a really tough time for her as she was in pain, feeding was horrible, her voice went hoarse from the vomiting and it also gave her oral thrush.  Not only was she suffering, but I was having a hard time of it as at first I had no idea what it was that was making her upset as you can’t see silent reflux as they swallow it

I had tried everything to relieve her symptoms but the only thing that seemed to do any good was cuddling and rocking her.  From that she became quite clingy and needed me to be in my arms or in her sight all the time.  By the end of the day my entire body would tremble from constantly carrying her around and jiggling her and trying to calm her.

Then I stumbled across the baby bean bag and it was for me a complete game changer.  It was so soft and comfy and she was actually happy to sit in it after a feed.  I move easily move the beans around inside the bag so she could sit up after a feed and watch the world go by as she digested.  Or I could flatten it out so she could lay down a little for a rest.

This was my life saver as I was finally free from constantly cuddling and jiggling and I could actually straighten my arms! Even better I could get things done around the house.  I’d have her in it on the the kitchen floor while I did cooked dinner.  I would take it into the bathroom with me while I showered.  As the base is made of waterproof & stainproof  fabric I would have her outside on the grass while I gardened.

The KJ Essentials Deluxe Baby Bean Bag comes with 2 removable washable tops. The baby top has a three point harness which I would use to strap her in and when she outgrew that I simply zipped it off and replaced it with the toddler top that is harness free.  The fabric on the top is made for babies as it made from water resistant velvet and padded for extra comfort.  

When Willow was happily sitting up unaided, I emptied more beans and sat it up like a regular bean bag.   Now, at nearly 5 years old she has a deluxe baby bean bag in room and sits in to read or play games.  As it’s lightweight she can easily pick it up and carry it to where she would like to be.  Plus it’s not as big as an adult bean bag and doesn’t take up as much room.

This simple yet clever baby bean bag was such a good buy and I was so amazed at how versatile it was, that I created KJ Essentials so I could get this amazing product out to mums Australia wide.  Since then I have made thousands of parents and bubs as happy as I was and it is a product I am so proud to sell.  I know it works and I know it is definitely worth the purchase.

I have posted pics here of my daughter from the first day  I had her in it, to now.

Willow at 5 months

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